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America only got a three day break from politics. We’re all a little tired and a little dazed from the Republican National Convention, but luckily for us, there’s MORE.

The Democratic National Convention kicked off today in Philadelphia, and it is already proving to be a drama and protest-filled event. Here are our favorite news stories and tweets from today.


  • Speakers at the Wells Fargo Center tonight will include Bernie Sanders, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
  • Bernie supporters have been marching the streets since Sunday in anti-Hillary protests. Some of them are even carrying a giant blunt (check our Snapchat story @TheFamousDC to see what that’s about).
  • Speaking of Bernie, he told his supporters to vote for Hillary today and was promptly booed.
  • After the DNC email leak, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned from her post, effective after the convention. She will not speak at the event itself, and was booed heavily at her own event this morning.
  • A ton of celebrities are rolling into Philly.
  • If you’ve seen all the news above and just want a drink, it’s your lucky day. Philly lawmakers extended the city’s last call until 4 a.m. during the convention.