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We’re checking out the most talked about basketball star from Ohio versus the most talked about man in Cleveland this week. LeBron James and Donald Trump seem like two very different people, but with Cleveland, Ohio hosting the RNC right now, we thought we’d compare them side by side.


Little Trump was born in Queens, New York to parents of European descent while James was born in Akron, Ohio to a 16-year-old single mother. No overlap here. Baby Trump told his nanny, “you’re fired,” after she gave him the wrong pacifier and James wore pairs of infant Air Jordans in preparation for his basketball career. Just kidding, but those things totally could’ve happened. At least James was born in the United States so he can’t be attacked by Trump like Cruz and President Obama. Don’t worry Donald, no Canadians here!


Hot Wives

Trump first went for blondes Ivana Trump and Marla Maples, but ended up with brunette model Melania Trump. We’re not sure if the first two got to keep their engagement rings. Melania may not be the best speech writer, but she’s a total smoke show who has graced the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, and Vogue. LeBron’s wife, Savannah Brinson, could’ve been a model too. She’s stayed out of the spotlight though, which is unusual for NBA wives. She’s an interior designer whose specialty is kid-friendly furniture. Savannah and LeBron met in high school and have been together ever since. Aww.


Junior Kiddos

Can the world handle another Donald Trump or LeBron James? These two dads think so. Both men named their oldest sons after themselves so their legacies (and millions, or is it billions?) can live on. The basketball star has three young children, two boys and a girl, and the real estate businessman is father to four adult children and one elementary schooler. Safe to say Trump’s been a little busier if ya know what we mean.


Acting Careers

Who would’ve thought these two could have successful television and movie careers? LeBron James starred in Amy Schumer’s movie Trainwreck, which came out last July. He played himself in the role of his sports doctor’s BFF and gave relationship advice. Donald Trump’s biggest screen time came from his popular reality show, The Apprentice. This business competition show aired on NBC for numerous seasons. 


Underdog Wins

About a year ago, no one would believe real estate tycoon Donald Trump would be running for president, much less winning the Republican nomination. Now here he is in Cleveland, Ohio at the Republican National Convention. This season, no one thought the Cavaliers would beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals after being down 3-1. LeBron James led his team to a major comeback and ended up as the finals MVP. Even GSW fans have to be impressed by that accomplishment. Trump and James have more in common than we thought! Although it looks like Obama prefers to hang out with one of these guys over the other.