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If you work on Capitol Hill you see, hear, and overhear many things that the rest of the mortal world isn’t privy to. These privileged professionals that serve our US government acquire a wealth of knowledge that sometimes is just too good not to share. We’ve provided a platform on which they can unload. 


Recess: What We Say We’ll Do Vs. What We Actually Do

Being in session can be hectic, chaotic, and simply exhausting. Everyone needs something ASAP, people are constantly filing in and out of the office, and the sheer number of emails marked ‘very important’ makes me hate exclamation marks!

And as we drown our sorrows in tequila, cleverly disguised as water on particularly trying days, we mentally compile lists of tasks that we wholeheartedly plan on knocking out during that glorious week of recess.

But when that beautiful week of business casual attire arrives, whether it’s for a full month in August or just a week, our optimism fades from ‘yes I can’ to ‘I will tomorrow’ until our week of productivity ends up amounting to little more than cat videos and sneaking out of the office early to get tipsy and stuff our faces with guacamole at Tortilla Coast.

So if a Hill staffer tells you they’ve had a productive recess week, you can rest assured that they’re a damn liar, because what Hill staffers say they’ll do during recess and what they actually do are as opposite as Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s views on Republican values.


In session: “I’m going to catch up on my constituent correspondence.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to clean up my outdated press list.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to network with one new person every day next week.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to catch up on my reading.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to organize my desk.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to get a jump start on next week’s tasks.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to give every constituent call my undivided attention.”

In recess: 



In session: “I’m going to brush up on floor procedures.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to mentor the new interns.”

In recess:



In session: “I’m going to work out every day during lunch.”

In recess:



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