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Notice anything different today? If you haven’t been outside yet, you probably noticed something was up simply because your co-worker isn’t being a complete a**hole.

For those of you too slammed to step away from your excel spreadsheets and your “chill workday” playlists on Spotify, you probably should. Remember that yellow ball that used to float in the sky? Well, it’s back after playing a serious game of hard-to-get and let me tell you – it worked.

In addition to making people weirdly happy – the sun also provides some serious bennies:

Sunlight kills bad bacteria

This is a serious relief when you think about all the sneezing and coughing that’s been showcased around town this glorious allergy season.



The sun helps you get a good night’s sleep 

If your “friend” told you that you look tired in the past couple of weeks, it was still an insult to your face, but it was probably because you actually did lack sleep. Some friend…



You’ll live longer.

Why do you think Moses was around for so long?



Sunlight lowers cholesterol.

Go ahead and eat what you want – just do it outside.



It increases productivity.

Just look over at your a**hole co-worker. He’s probably sending out constructive emails rather than insults.



Sunlight makes people happy.

(See above re: a**hole co-worker)



What are you waiting for?

Get outside and bronze responsibly… after you’re done with work of course.