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Here in DC there is no shortage of opportunities to get involved with a cause you’re passionate about. Whether it’s through lobbying, voting or simply attending an event and showing support – the possibilities present themselves often.

For Liz Mair, the cause was a no-brainer and the event was a plus.

Her client, White Coat Waste Project, recently joined forces with LUSH Cosmetics at their store in Georgetown. The event, conveniently nestled in the bustle of M street, unveiled LUSH’s new lotion – Charity Pot – which benefits the White Coat Waste Project – a non-profit dedicated to protecting animals from harmful product testing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.06.55 PM

Guests dressed up in animal ears and name tags in order to represent the various types of tax payer experiments that White Coat Waste Project aims to defund. The event convened activists, members of the media, public affairs professionals and those that were just curious about the cause.

Spotted with a name tag: Juleanna Glover, Mindy Finn, Mary Katharine Ham, Michelle Fields, Jamie Weinstein, Larry O’Connor , Betsy Woodruff, Julie Germany, Kat Murti, Lyndsey Fifield

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