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Daylight Saving Time + March Madness = why are we even working this week? Oh and then the Metro shuts down. Between these things, studies estimate nearly $6 billion in lost productivity or revenue. Seriously. $6 billion. That’s real money, even to Trump.


NBC News shares a new report that, “estimates that more than 50.5 million American workers, or 20 percent, could participate in office pools this year. … The loss of productivity in the opening week of March Madness could cost employers nearly $4 billion in lost revenue, according to the report. And each hour of the workday wasted on building brackets or watching games will cost employers $1.3 billion.”  

Then there’s Daylight Saving Time. Fortune reports, “There is a productivity loss, according to David Wagner and Christopher Barnes, professors of management at the University of Oregon and University of Washington. Their studies found, ‘workers tend to ‘cyberloaf,’ using computers for non-work purposes, on Mondays after a shift to Daylight Saving. One study, sponsored by a foam and cushion manufacturer, estimated a national productivity loss of nearly $434 million – about $1.65 per person. … It takes up to 3 weeks for some to hit a normal rhythm, according to a study in the journal of Sleep Medicine.”  

Since none of us is expected to be doing big things this week, go ahead and “cyberloaf” and fill out your bracket. You could win some pretty sweet prizes. Use the credentials below: