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Saying the 2016 presidential election is weird would be a gross understatement. It’s the year of socialists, dynasties, crazies, and Donald Trump – a recipe for drama, drama, drama.

But within the chaos and utter insanity of this ridiculous political year emerges a striking parallel between 2016’s most famous candidate to the music industry’s most infamous wordsmith, lyrical genius, and voice of our generation – Yeezus, aka Kanye West.

Don’t see the connections? Allow me to highlight a few of my favorites.

1. They both make friends easily

I have to imagine that when you’re rich and famous, it must be difficult to make friends. But Donald and Kanye have a similarly uncanny ability to not only make friends, but also help those new friends become famous and successful. Mr. Trump, for example, went out of his way to give a no-name television anchor her five minutes of fame, while Mr. West is singularly responsible for creating today’s biggest pop star. Can you imagine a world without the Queen of Cable News or #squadgoals? I can’t, and I never want to.


2. They are famously humble

There’s nothing worse than an egotistical maniac, which is why Donald Trump and Kanye West stand out as breaths of fresh air in the polluted world of both Hollywood and Ugly Hollywood alike. Where some people choose to flaunt their wealth and inflate their statuses, these two are men among boys – always being careful to minimize their success and relate to the Average Joe.


3. They handle criticism like pros

A sure fire sign of maturity and class is being able to handle outside criticism with grace and poise. In this regard, Donald and Kanye definitely set the standard for the rest of us to follow. Whether it’s the way Mr. Trump elegantly brushed off spiteful comments from Pope Francis or the manner in which Mr. West graciously corrected long-time rock producer Bob Ezrin, these classy brethren can teach us all a thing or two about how to be better in the face of confrontation.


As the election year rolls on, it’s becoming a real possibility that Donald Trump could be America’s next president, which would mean a 2020 election match-up between two of the most friendly, humble, and mature men in our country today: Donald Trump and Kanye West.