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If you’ve ever ridden in an Uber, you know you can rate the driver. Five stars = the ride was efficient and enjoyable. One star = get this driver off the road immediately.  And like any good power-hungry Washingtonian, we salivate at the idea of getting to mark our opinion in any tangible form.

Not everyone is aware, however, that you too are receiving a rating. That’s right. Every time you step out of an Uber, the driver has the opportunity to assess your riding performance as well.


Checks and balances, people. That’s the beauty of America.

But before you have a panic attack and retrace all the terrible things you’ve done or said in an Uber, keep calm and read on. We’ve got five tips that if you follow, are sure to get you five stars from your Uber driver.

#1 Be timely.

Call the Uber when you’re actually ready. Not when you just finished making your mixed drink. If you leave them waiting out in traffic to be fed on by the overly-anxious horn-heavy D.C. drivers, you are bound to lose a star. The app tells you how far away the drivers are and shows you their exact route on their way to your location, so there’s really no excuse.

#2 Don’t eat/ drink/ smoke/ or spill in their car.

200It probably smells bad enough as it is. But remember, these are their personal cars, that they drive with or without you in it. And as delicious as that late night McFlurry tastes now, it probably won’t be appreciated by your Uber driver if you spill it all over the back seat of their car. Coffee, granola bar, fine. Just remember, you are a guest in their car and should leave it the way you found it. Vomiting is also frowned upon.

#3 Don’t shoot the messenger.

In regards to being timely, if rates are surging and traffic is bad, it’s not their fault. We all know that the happy hour you’re attending is by far the most elite gathering in the city; but all that huffing and puffing won’t make the traffic move any faster. It will, however tick your driver off.

200-12#4 Don’t take advantage.

Water, mints, and tissues are sometimes offered as a courtesy, but don’t kick your shoes off and move right in. Refrain from using their iPhone accessories like chargers and auxiliary chords. Blasting T-Swift and singing horrendously off-pitch is all well and good in the comfort of your own car. In an Uber- not so much. Also, don’t ask to make 5 stops. If your group is parting ways, get your own Ubers.

#5 Be courteous.

Greet them. Acknowledge them. I’m all for freedom of speech but keep the profanity and any vulgarity down to a low roar. Most importantly, thank them. They’ve provided you a service and you should show that you are gracious.

Simple as that! And when you’re feeling brave, ask the driver what your rating is and find out how well you’re doing.