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It was really terrific

Donald Trump is refusing to attend tonight’s Republican Presidential debate, the last before the Iowa caucuses, because of what he feels was “unfair” treatment by moderator Megyn Kelly back in August 2015. Donald was not too keen on some of the questions he was asked.

Lucky for all of you, FamousDC had an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Donald where we got to ask him extremely insightful questions that really speak to who he is as a person and a candidate. Unfortunately we lost the video somewhere in the YUGE snowstorm this week, so our written word will have to suffice. You don’t have to believe us, but it’s more fun if you do.

What is your favorite color?

Gold. America needs to prepare itself for the Gold House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Favorite word?

Hmm, that’s tough. It’s got to be a tossup between “TERRIFFICC” and “YUGEEEE!”

Favorite place to travel?

Really, anywhere with a Trump hotel is going to be terrific.

Who is the one person living or dead you’d like to have dinner with?

Well, I can think of a lot of people who would not be on that list. I would bet that I am probably a lot of people’s answer to that question, actually.

What would you be doing if you were not a real estate mogul?

Be the president, obviously. What is it that you think I have been doing for the past year?

Who do you look up to the most?

I am pretty tall myself, so that’s tough. When Ivanka wears some of her really terrific shoes, she’s pretty tall too. I guess it depends on footwear.

Go-to hair product?

I don’t need any! This is all natural.

Favorite animal?

That’s got to be my all-white sheepskin rug in my suite at the Trump hotel in New York. It’s really quite luxurious.

Favorite TV Show?

Well I used to watch the Apprentice. There’s not much good TV anymore.

Favorite former president?

Who is on the $500 bill?

Favorite movie?

Hmm. Wolf of Wall Street was really terrific. Leo. Matthew. They did really great work.

Favorite book?

The Art of the Deal is really, really great. I also really enjoy reading my diary. That’s some really insightful writing.

How do you take your steak?

Eaten. By me. At the finest steakhouses.

OK, Mr. Trump, who is your favorite person who is NOT you?

(long pause) That’s got to be my reflection in the mirror. He really makes me think.

Where did the hats go? We really liked those!

Those were really terrific, weren’t they. We can send you some! I am getting some specially made in a nice gold. They’re going to be yuge. That’s for sure.

Ok, speaking of the hats, quick word associations:

Tom Brady

Used to be winner, but now, loser.



New Hampshire



I am the best thing that’s happened to it. That’s for sure.


Winners, all winners for sure.

Dominos, Pizza Hut, or Papa Johns?

LOSERS! Are you KIDDING ME?! All of them – LOSERS. I am offended by that question. This interview is over.

We hit a nerve there at the end when we started talking pizza delivery options. Oh well. We really appreciate Mr. Trump’s time with us and will miss him on the debate stage tonight. Either way, it’s going to be YUGE.