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Meet Charleston (close friends call her Charlie). Charlie is the beloved pup of Bubba. Bubba is the Editor-in-Chief of @IJdotcom. Bubba made the mistake of leaving Charlie with the FamousDC team, and lucky for us, Charlie knows all the IJ secrets and isn’t afraid to talk about them. 

1. Why is life at the FamousDC HQ better than IJ Review?

Two words: Better snacks.

2. Obama calls and wants you to kick it with Sunny and Bo for the day – what’s on the agenda?

 First off, don’t tell Bubba about our date. Our day would start at the doggy spa, and then the three of us would cruise the town. But of course we couldn’t travel without our doggycade and tiny flags attached to my collar. We’d drink water out of bowls at every foreign embassy. And we’d finish the day by rolling around on the White House lawn- the greenest grass DC has to offer.

3. Are you upset that you weren’t invited on vacation with the IJ team?

I was, but then I got hooked up with this sweet gig hanging at the FamousDC offices. I never knew life could be this good.

4. Who would you consider your biggest role model?

Benny Johnson – and simply because I’m not quite sure he’s human.

5. If we offered you a senior role here at FamousDC, would you stay?

I’ve been bought before, so the answer is yes.

In exchange for this exclusive interview, Charlie’s requirements were that we follow her around all day, play all the games she wants, and document the whole thing. Oh and she also insisted on taking over our Twitter account.
“Who’s up for some Wii? I’m semi-pro at Dance Dance Revolution”
“When we’re done with DDR, I’m gonna school you guys in Mario Cart. After that- mini golf, penalty kick practice, and super soaker war.”
“I hope the IJ team isn’t getting soft on me in Puerto Rico! My hoop game is better than ever.”
“Lunch time.”
“Back to business- Strategy meeting with the squad discussing 2016 economic policy.”
“Come on guys, get serious! I’ve got a big meeting in the partners’ office at 2!”
“#Nailedit. Belly rubs all around!”
“It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!”
Dear Dad, I miss you and all, but the FamousDC team rocks. And they have a TON of four legged friends for me to play with. Come back soon. But not too soon!
                                                                                                                             xoxo, Charlie