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Something special happened last night, and it was not in Milwaukee. 800 miles away from the Republican presidential debate, something very monumental — historic, even — took place at Atlas Brewing Company right here in the District: Jason Dick and Fawn Johnson got married.

wedding2The bride and groom looked amazing (see left). They said their own vows in a ceremony officiated by NPR’s Sue Davis.

Atlas brewed delicious beers and guests enjoyed DC Smokehouse BBQ, soft pretzels and chocolate chip cookies for dessert, then headed to Boundary Road for the official afterparty. In addition to beers and BBQ guests enjoyed a pretty incredible photobooth and the world-famous Big Buck Hunter arcade game. This was arguably one of the coolest weddings to ever take place in the District.

Almost all of the Roll Call editorial team were there, including Kyle Trygstad, Tom Williams, Bill Clark, Al Drago, Emma Dumain, Emily Cahn, Simone Pathe, Eli Yokley, David Hawkings, Rebecca Gale, Warren Rojas, Cyra Master, Cameron Easley, Justice Green, Kaitie Kovach, Chris Hale — and, Christina Bellantoni and Patrick Khoo fresh from LA. CQRC alum attendance included: Paul Kane, Neda Semnani, Sara Bondioli, Meredith Shiner, Steve Dennis, David Eldridge, Amanda Becker, Hannah Hess and Emily Pierce.

National Journal also repped strongly at the ceremony, with folks including George Condon, Jerry Hagstrom, Mike Magner, Rick Bloom, and NJ alums like Naureen Khan, Kelsey Snell, Katy O’Donnell, Cam Joseph and Meghan McCarthy.

Others who were spotted: Kelly Trygstad, Veronica Wilson, Adam Aigner-Treworgy, Will Dobbs-Allsopp, Jon Reid, Amir Nasr, Paul Cenoz, Michael Ramlet, Reid Wilson, Brook Hougesen, Tim Homan, Rob Kunzig and Jeff Cartwright.

If you want to check out even more of the wedding fun, #FawnLovestheD is the official (incredible) wedding hashtag on Instagram.

Congratulations Jason and Fawn!


Special thanks to Rebecca Gale, Tom Williams, Susan J. Davis and Reid Wilson for details and photos.