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Remember what a hit the “Beach” was at the National Building Museum this summer? Well get ready to be blown away once again, because James Corner Field Operations, the masterminds behind New York City’s High Line, have been given the task of creating the 2016 installation of the museum’s Summer Block Party installation.

We’re sure that next year’s Summer Block Party will be as big of a hit as the Beach and provide a plethora of Instagram-worthy photos. Since we’re in D.C., however, we’re expecting a little local flavor to color the exhibition. A D.C. block party wouldn’t be like any other, so here are a few things we’d expect to see.

1. Seersucker. Everywhere.

Try as we might to be trendy and hip, Washingtonians will always be painfully preppy. In fact, everyone there will likely be dressed entirely too formally for a block party.

2. Brunch food options

In D.C. we work hard but we brunch harder (and at any time of day). Bacon, eggs, and bottomless mimosas please!

3. Secret Service

This may look like a chilled out backyard barbecue, but don’t kid yourselves. You’re not getting into this party before you pass through at least one metal detector and get sized up by no less than three giant men in dark sunglasses.

4. Single day Metro passes all over the ground

We love our tourists here in D.C., so why wouldn’t they be invited to our block party?

5. DC Brau

Crack a cold one from one of our favorite local breweries? Yes please.

6. Gallons and gallons of Mambo sauce

Block parties mean food. Food means Mambo sauce. Enough said.

7. Lots of Fans or lots of complaining

D.C. summer heat and humidity is oppressive. The only reasonable solution to the sweltering heat at our block party would be to make sure we have tons of fans on standby. Or be prepared to hear about it.

8. Iced refreshments

Another way to beat the heat in D.C. Naturally, we’d be sipping on some iced tea all afternoon long. Make that a Long Island iced tea.

9. Nationals paraphernalia everywhere

Summer is a time for baseball. We always represent our home team, no matter where we are.

10. Networking

This is D.C. We all know “party” is just code for another opportunity for professional advancement. Trust us, you won’t be leaving without at least four new business cards and follow up lunch meeting.