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kennylogginskennymuppet2For just $30,000 you can have Kenny Loggins play in your living room. Yes, you read that correctly.

Last year, Erick Sanchez of Fairfax, Virginia decided to make it his mission to have Kenny Loggins and his band, the Blue Sky Riders perform live in his house. So he did what any other rock and roll super fan would do and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the money. The campaign, quite literally called “I want Kenny Loggins to play in my living room” amassed $30,723 from 237 people over the course of the year. Plans were made, a date was set, and on September 13, 2015 voilà! Kenny Loggins appeared in Sanchez’s living room.

What prompted 237 people to donate money to such an outlandish request? We’re not really sure. Nevertheless, the band followed through with the deal and played a 75 minute set flooding the room with all their top hits including “Danger Zone”, “Footloose”, and “I’m Alright”.

This is one of the stranger local accomplishments that we’ve reported on lately, but an accomplishment nonetheless. You go, Erick Sanchez!