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Famous Friday Round Up



Go outside for as long as you can on Saturday: Saturday 88 °F and sunny; Sunday 84 °F and thunderstorms



Our hearts go out to all of those in the Houston flood zone; Anheuser Busch is canning water; The Atlanta Hawks won the “worst logo in history” award; Are your Instagrams worth $100k?; Santorum is back!!; this text message can crash your phone; Duggars huh? Well, seeya later; the Taylor Swift car; If Donald Trump runs again, Jon Stewart may not retire; Cuba, not a state sponsor of terrorism anymore; most important announcements from Google I/O; oops: US Army ships anthrax; we’re gonna be even more distracted; Uber for deaf drivers; and the winner of the national spelling be is… Drake. And two other winners; man takes his dying dog on a road trip and it’s amazing;



Matchbox wants to go national; no more political or religious ads on Metro for the rest of this year; Arlington kid on The Voice; baseball+wine = ?; DC folks just can’t spell this word right; House of Cards casting is here again; oops we lost your SAT tests, Loudoun; eat a lot and … fight world hunger?; DC server got a $2000 tip; old Metro cars being scrapped?; SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY;


Our new Twitter followers include Samantha DeZur,  Katia Aiello and Katharine MacGregor; Justin LoFranco is Jon Snow; Congrats to Alyssa Cannobio & Sean Hackbarth on their engagement (note: wedding pics won’t be leaked to Buzzfeed); Is Ted Prill positioned yet to get his big white whale?; Congrats to coaches Eric and Brian Nedd on their undefeated season; It was great to see Phil Roth this week; Is Chapin Fay back on the trail and back with Pataki?; Ask Natasha Flint about Creative Mornings; Do you know where all of the political digital rock stars live? Here.



We hope birthday girl Francesca Chambers enjoys her rooftop party; Who bought Ephraim Froehlich a t-shirt gun for this birthday?; Hanz Heinrichs is turning a year older this weekend; Josh Gregory is celebrating his birthday in Mississippi; we know Brandon Weight‘s birthday was a blast;



Interesting Tweets you can RT, @mention, or just enjoy: jaketapper; jk_rowling; VancityReynolds; DVNJr; jmartNYT;


#MEDIAMOVES by Bryant Row

Jim Osman will head up Media General as DC Bureau Chief; The best dressed man in DC, Jack Smith, crushed Politico Up Front; Politico making big moves hiring Stephanie Losee from Dell to develop Politico Focus; Maureen Shanahan, Kate Nocera and Jaclyn Rothenberg to join SKDKnickerbocker (h/t Fishbowl DC); Ben Werschkul moving from NYT to CNN; Meanwhile, John Helton moves to Roll Call from CNN; Travis Waldron headed to Huffington Post DC;  Allie Malloy and Kristen Holmes are White House material;



It is not the weekend we conquer, but ourselves.