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#NATIONAL #DeflateGate solved; If you post more than 3 selfies of yourself in one week, it’s time to settle down; Suge Knight obviously does not have a rearview camera on his whip;  President Obama was in Philly this week to get House Democrats all Fired Up! and ready (for the press) to go; John McCain wants those kids off his yard; Another smoky train; you should buy this shirt; All the Superbowl commercials in one place; the Kool Aid man CAN bust through a wall; This guy shoveled snow off the finish line of the Boston Marathon; Saturn imma let you finish but this planet has the biggest rings of all time;

#DISTRICT Advice on where to read news; More advice on where to read news; DC first date ideas; What it costs to eat out in DC; MLK Library is not getting a 3 story addition; Trying to make DC more like New York; DC Detox; Animated superbowl halftime history by WaPo; who got an Uber puppy?; Werth went to jail; DMV Adventure Guide; Do not fly your drones here; “Historic Snapchat interview;”

#FAMOUSPEOPLE Doug Heye always looks sharply dressed on our teevee box; Mick Kaplan is officially on the free market – but won’t be there for long; Joanna Piacenza forgot about the power of Google; What has Elizabeth Dillon been up to lately?; Tell Jack Smith we would watch a live feed of Marshawn Lynch press conferences for 8 hours straight. #BeastMode; Robert Earl Keen brought Texas to DC; Wish Tara DiJulio good luck this Sunday for her Seahawks;

#HAPPY Wanda Moebius and Mike Sommers are celebrating birthdays today; Famous birthday wishes to Caitlin Poling; Big birthday weekend for the Great Art Bochner, Erskine Wells, Mike Ference and Mat Lapinski;  You only have two shopping days to get birthday gifts for Nika Nour and the Coursen twins (Matt & Cameron);

#CONGRATS Jackie Kucinich is rocking a new business card #DailyBeast; Congrats to Mindy Finn as she finds her way back to the RNC h/t Chris Cillizza; big move for Brian O. Walsh joining the amazing team at Red Print Strategy; Chuck DeFeo, Mindy Finn, Azarias Reda and Jesse Kamzol on the move to the RNC; Betsy Fischer Martin joins Lesley Jane Seymour at MORE Magazine; Karen Knutson is about to rock GE Oil & Gas; Simone Ward and Sadie Weiner are moving to the DSCC h/t Emily Cahn; Sad to read this graph from Andrew Sullivan: “But this much I know: nothing will ever be like this again, which is why it has been so precious; and why it will always be a part of me, wherever I go; and why it is so hard to finish this sentence and publish this post.”

#BYE We’re going to eat our body weight in chips and dip on Sunday. See you there.