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#NATIONAL It’s official, NYE sucks, but it’s over so happy new year!; RIP Governor Cuomo; one person being added to the U.S. every 16 seconds; Bono may never play guitar again; North Korea hit with the sanction stick; bowl week; Couple trapped in closet not actually trapped in closet; Someone stole a lot of pricey wine from French Laundry; How did Back to the Future II do on predictions?; Taylor Swift may be stalking you; The Interview = okay; is Jim Rome wrong? You decide; what happened with Ello?; The year in emoji;

#DISTRICT The most #ThisTown moments of 2014; Here’s how your commute will change this year;  Will they fix the clouds in Hart?; You may be able to catch a streetcar this month; Muriel Bowser is in; track work; Be careful, everywhere: where pedestrians and cyclists were struck this year; Winter Classic!; uh oh JB; this lawn decoration though; we have no words for what happened at McFadden’s; Goodbye, these restaurants; sad tweet to start 2015;

#HAPPY Birthday week to Robby Wehagen, Ginny Mansour, Sonia Herman, and Jim Billimoria;

#BYE We’ll be recovering from the holidays with a strong drink somewhere – see you there.