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Open-dictionaryThe American Action Forum recently launched ACADictionary.com as an unbiased health care policy resource.

Despite its exhaustive collection of over 600 words, acronyms, or phrases we collected a few they missed and ought to add.

Chronic Capitol Lounge-itis: When you want to go out, but don’t want to leave the Hill so you end up drinking at Cap Lounge again for the fourth time this week — and it’s Wednesday.

FABCE (Federally Administered Business Card Exchange): Happy Hour

Celebrimony: When a celebrity testifies in front of a committee to discuss research for a particular disease, cancer, or infection.

Medicare Part Don’t: The non-existent section of Medicare you wish would cover your headaches from hearing constituents tell your boss to keep the government’s hands off their Medicare.

Reception Portability: The ability to attend receptions across state delegations

IPAB (Independent Parking Advisory Board): The panel of un-elected bureaucrats which determines if your office is in Cannon, your parking spot should be in Rayburn’s garage, level 3. Popularly known as a “Death Walk Panel”