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Have you heard? Life is RUFF out there for our dogs out there in the DMV. So many of them have great homes, but what about the ones that don’t? Luckily the Washington Humane Society is here to help our furry friends who don’t have forever homes.

We are looking forward the annual Washington Humane Society’s 2014 Sugar & Champagne Affair next week and we’re tugging at our leashes with excitement!

Golden Retriever

You live in Alexandria, because you need room to run. Let’s just call you a weekend warrior. You spend Saturday mornings running at Rock Creek Park or on a hike at Great Falls. Don’t forget about those 3 different adult social sports leagues you are part of. You are always up for fun and never want to disappoint. You may sometimes come off as the “dumb blonde,” around the office but you are bred to work hard, and your intelligence surprises people, not to mention looks. Other breeds can be too sensitive, high-strung, or energetic, but Golden Retrievers are nonchalant and always the life of the party at happy hour.


Hello Mr. K Street. You know what you want, and you want it now. People know when you on your way somewhere because you part the seas, and everyone stares at you with quite the eye. You’re the three C’s always — even when your Uber takes a bit longer than expected — cool, calm and collected. You know you rule the S Street Dog park. By the way, have you ever been to the 116 club? You’re missing out.


So you work for the government, eh?  You tolerate that 9-5 job enough to come home, plop on the couch, and watch Netflix for the rest of the night. You can be social when you feel like it, but you get tired and lazy easily. Not to mention, you don’t invite many people over to your aparmartment, because you’re kind of a slob. But at the same time, you love hanging out with friends and will never turn an opportunity for a flip cup tournament among fellow dogs.


We see you on Twitter, constantly “checking in” different places.  To be honest you are somewhat annoying. We get it, you like to go out. You are energetic, fun loving, and have MANY playful companions. Arf arf, you can’t stop interacting with others. ARF. ARF. Okay, we get it.


YOU. LOVE. ACTIVITY. It rules your life. You can be found at Buffalo Billiards every weekend cheering on your favorite team, and boy are you vocal. Huskies are the people who are up at 6am and run in the freezing cold on the mall, want to go explore all the monuments late at night and enjoy a nice nuzzle on the weekends. Not to mention, if someone rubs you the wrong way, you sure as hell won’t let them forget about it.


Dachshunds are stubborn but brave, and think they’re invincible. You will sniff it out the hidden gems in the DMV area. You like dive bars like A & D Neighborhood bar, and Baby Wale. Typical of any millennials, you think using your loud bark will make us notice you.


You’re pretty darn intense. We’ll call you the project manager of any office. We dont want to get on your bad side, and sometimes you honestly scare us. But we know you’re just excited. And your excited mania means you’re often misunderstood. Like when we see you at The Gibson and we don’t know whether to approach you or not. Deep down you are just as cute as you look.


You’re fluffy, pretty, and tiny. You probably attend balls, get featured in the big glossy Washington Life and wonder why people are so cynical around the District. You’re completely removed from politics, other than social ones, and your big diamond collar puts you squarely out of touch. And you just CAN’T WAIT for Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab to open– you want to get your little paws all over the marble floors in that place.


You’re an intern. A Hill intern.  No one knows that you even exist, until you do something stupid at T-Coast. Be careful, you may get stepped on by your boss.

Portuguese Water Dog

You’re tall, dark and mysterious– and feel trapped in this city of uncool canines. You’re too smart for this shit. You’re meant to run free in New York City, but you can’t afford it because you’re a dog, and dogs don’t make money. Instead, you’ll ride the grey, dark Metro with your unreasonably happy owner, silently brooding under the seat near the doors. You excitedly pull on your leash every time you pass the Black Cat and bark at yuppies, no matter what your handler says.

Italian Greyhound

People find you sleek, desirable and discerning. You don’t eat any old dog chow. We’ve only seen you in places like Minibar and Little Serow, incessantly sniffing your long snout over your dishes and in the process sort of making your dinner neighbors uncomfortable. No matter. If it helps ease the pain of being a statistical analyst pup for a federal agency, you’ll plunge half your earnings and all of your soul into the “amazing food scene” (you barked that one out yourself) the District of Columbia offers. Your canine companions seek you out when their mothers are in town, or when they have a really hot date.

Get your tickets to the Washington Humane Society’s 2014 Sugar & Champagne Affair next week before they sell out!