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With athletes going to Sochi pretty soon, the Team USA uniform has been unveiled.

We have questions (below this stunning photo).

  • Did Ralph Lauren’s elderly aunt knit this sweater? Assuming she did, did he feel compelled to make it the uniform of Team USA out of guilt? 
    (“Of course I love this Aunt Helga!“)
  • Is Team USA a bunch of broskis this year? If so, does anyone have deets on the pre-Sochi keg party?
  • When did baggy sweatpants come back into fashion? Aren’t we going through a tight yoga pants phase right now?
  • Are those moon boots? Is “Sochi” a code name for “the moon?”
  • What are those top lapels doing? Will they ever close?
  • What if the Team USA athletes sit in a dirty chair? 
  • What is this Olympian of good looks reaching for in his pocket? 

h/t Today Show