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While we have seen some pretty creative brand alternatives to the Washington Redskins, the folks at NJI Media paired up with our fabulous FamousDC writers to come up with five alternative rebrand solutions. Preview the first two here and click below for the full set.

1.  Washington Washingtons

“No compromise!”  Here is a rebrand from the Redundancy Department of Redundancy.  George has a distinct likeness to the current logo and, GW’s pants approach similarity to the Redskins’ playing pantaloons, so this is a no brainer. In the fast-paced 21st century, who has time to remember a team name and the city that they call home?

2.  Washington Redfins

From a logistics perspective, this is an easy swap.  We’re removing two letters and adding one.  It sounds nearly identical (if you stutter) and this majestic beast is likely something that has come out of the Potomac River in the past few years.

3. Click here for more Redskins Rebrands!