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If you haven’t heard of The Bar Method, it’s past time for a good look. If you’ve been under a rock the last year, you’re probably not familiar with Bar Method DC, but you should be. The workout class, (or “way of life”) with a studio situated in between Metro Center and Chinatown offers a unique way to tone and sculpt your body — regardless of what you look like now, you’re guaranteed to get a good workout in and walk out with some wobbly legs. You can feel the work you put into it minutes after the class is over. Luckily for us, our presence was requested at a Bar Method class last week and we were able to talk to founder and instructor, Kate Arnold. She hails from Chicago and we may have developed a girl crush on her by the time our interview was over.

1. What sets Bar Method DC apart from other workouts?

At Bar Method, we make sure to know names of all our students taking the class, that this makes it much more intimate than other big gyms The reason we need to know everyone’s names, we want to make sure that everyone is demonstrating a safe effective workout. It’s much easier to address you in class with your name. And also, we want people to feel like we are supporting and helping them. (We could sense the community in the studio right off the bat during our session when one of the students helped guiding us through the right positions).

2. How do you stay motivated?

I truly get inspired by the team and the clients. I had a pregnant client call me from her hospital bed after giving birth. And I can’t believe it– I’m one of the first people who was called after her baby was born. I feel like we become part of these people’s lives in a way that a gym does not. We are more than an exercise class. Our clients are unbelievable, even if I’m not feeling my best, I can go into the studio and see how excited everyone is to be there.

3. Why did you decide to start?

I became an obsessed client while getting my MBA at University of Chicago, when it was time to move to DC, I had one requirement- a Bar Method. The only problem was DC didn’t have one. It’s a completely different world than being a lawyer. But it’s a rewarding one. The sacrifices the students make to come to class make me want to get up and teach everyday.

4. How does Bar Method separate itself from the politics of DC and enter their own “bar universe?”

The best thing about Bar Method is that everyone is treated exactly the same. Especially in the DC studio, we have people who work in the White House, lawyers, and all locks of life, who sign up days ahead of time and want to take a class. You could be a producer on CNN or a Georgetown law student. This is the only time in some of our student’s lives that you are not associated with politics or who you are outside of the studio.

5. What are your five favorite things in DC?

Favorite Restaurant: Graffiato

Best DC Hidden Gem: Momiji

 Least Favorite Thing About DC: Lack of fashion in general, (though she does admit it’s gotten better though the years)

Favorite Non-Bar Method Workout: Bar Method Only — She used to be a runner, too!

DC Activities (a three way tie): Docent at the Corcoran; Book Club; Being a DC “foodie” with her husband