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Furlough Fun:
A list of activities for when they shut your blackberry off.

  • Lay in bed and ponder the true meaning of being “non-essential.” Consider existential crisis.
  • Contemplate whether to be jealous of your “essential” coworkers. Would they get to go to the fallout shelter in the event of nuclear war?
  • Whether or not you’re cool with forced vacay, decide it’s worth it to take advantage of the free shit. Here’s a list. Here’s another.
  • Become a Twitter Comedian. Or at least check out some of the #Shutdown fun, including @GlenWheldon’s #duringthegovernmentshutdown2piginthecity, #shutdownpickuplines, and Buzzfeed’s Tweets that Shutdown Twitter.
  • Take a page from #shutdownpickuplines and troll Craigslist.
  • Sign up for Obamacare. (For every enrollee, John Boehner cries a tear.)
  • The Office of Government Ethics is closed. So go crazy. Have a (Hungry) lobbyist take you to lunch and eat SITTING DOWN.
  • Read @famousDC. Reread @famousDC. We know you do this at the office. But it’s probably better in PJs.
  • Don’t get married.
  • Catch up on your Dr. Seuss, you never know when “the Lorax” (printed single sided in triplicate) may come to the Floor.
  • The NSA is shutdown! So send all your suspicious emails! Learn the NSA is still operating…so is the FBI…expect a knock…
  • The monuments and museums may be closed but it’s going to be a beautiful day, so pack a picnic and watch confused tourists get turned away from the gift shops.
  • Make CSPAN coverage into a drinking game. Or really, just drink; perhaps champagne to celebrate the Fiscal New Year.

Photo by Kevin Wolf