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Break out your Havana Coolers and Molson! Here is how the LadiesWhoLobby spent their evening (and now their morning!):

Take a Sip: Every time Cruz says Obamacare. Just a small sip, mind you.

Sip your Molson: Everytime Cruz disparages his homeland (Canada eh?) for having universal health care.

Go to your Local Bar: And #makeDClisten.

Suck down a Havana Cigar: When thoughts of White Castle make you wish you had something stronger.

Cheers: A Toast to Wendy Davis.

7th Inning Stretch: Ted you get a little cranky when you’re hangry. Have a Snickers.

Have a Drink: When Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Ted Cruz

Take a Sip: When Cruz starts rhyming. “I do not like Obamacare… ObamaSnare, ObamaLair, ObamaChair?”

Shot of Nyquil: And hope Cruz reads Go the F*ck to Sleep next.

Change of Pace: Switch to the Ayn Rand Drinking Game.

Take a Shot: For Corner Guy. He’s gonna need it.

Slurp: Winners always have the bigger flag pin. Come and Take It.

Take a Sip: If Cruz says “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.” Take a Shot if he then Twerks.

Duck Call: ‘Cause at this point you’re tipsy and Cruz just endorsed Willie Robertson. Yee Haw.

Finish Your Drink: Because by next week you may be furloughed.

Chug a Beer: When Cruz can no longer stand and falls over.

Bailey’s: In your coffee because Ted’s still at it.

And then have a big glass of water (or a small Poland Spring) because this isn’t actually filibuster… just delay of debate.