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The only thing scarier than Friday the 13th is how out of control my weekend will be:

Hey #FamousDC Fans-Happy Friday the 13th; Read this funny s*** NOW, oh, this too; Obama gets serious on #Syria; Crossfire launch spices up Mt. Vernon Square, #NYFW happened and it was #TRENDY; Congrats Laura McGann on to bigger things as MSNBC.com‘s news editor; #DCWeatherPanic happened; Dear Amos: I’m sorry in advance for what’s about to happen to your team in College Station. I like my burgers cooked medium; meet the bluest door in Alexandria; our thoughts and prayers go out to those in Colorado; Dan is still the man; Chris Perkins went A1 on SWA; TCU got jobbed by the refs last night; Mick Kaplan’s manuscript is coming along nicely; we miss Johnny Cash; we miss David Holley; who are your favorite Hill staff you follow on Twitter?;Did you get invited to Washingtonians MOM party?; Lightening and BWI=Both Scary; WATCH LIVE MUSIC HERE; Discovery’s #gatekeepers is SO SO good, Nikki Schwab to U.S. News & World Report’s Whispers Column; Marlon Marshall & Adrian Saenz in da [WHITE] House; Malcolm Gladwell coming to a synagogue near you; Speaking of synagogues, YOM KIPPUR starts tonight; Old Post office getting TRUMPified; Who’s the #Weiner now?; Attention: Stef and Kelly LOVE FamousDC; Speaking of sexy, the always sexy Shepard Smith to run a ‘breaking news division’ at Fox; Diane Sawyer tweets hello to DC; We’re already talking about 2016; Two Obama alumni tie the knot in Miami; Who spotted this bad boy? Vinolovers won Thursday night; good luck to the ladies who lobby on race day tomorrow; BuzzFeed reporters love telephone booths; we hope Alberto isn’t reading this in Detroit; Tommy McFly is still shufflin’; John Stewart is always stealing Benny Johnson’s ideas; General Assembly came to DC this week; wish Jose Morales a happy birthday today and Derek Timmerman a happy birthday tomorrow #old; Ben’s Chili Bowl moves out to NOVA (yuck); Capital New York; We already want a taste of GBD’s Oreo cookie doughnut; Target downtown; Have you bought your tickets to the National Press Club’s Sept. 18th spelling bee yet?; Ciao Tina Brown!; Feeling talented?; Frank Luntz enjoyed some RG3 MNF style; Madden 25 debuted at Hawk ‘n Dove; Too many birthdays this week — special shout-outs to Ethan Klapper, Steve Brusk, Bill O’Reilly, Henry “CJ “Jackson, and Arnold Palmer (best cold drink out there!); Ali Zelenko and Nicolina O’Rorke get new NBC offices; A (3rd) DC sniper movie is coming to a theatre near you; Daikaya adds some late night munchies; Sunny; DISTRICT FLEA! …That is all; Melissa Jeltsen jumps from Huff Po to MSNBC; Kapnos does NOVA (yuck, again); Hi there Smashburger; grab a DC Brau, brau; Better Call Saul; LOL @ WMATA; Emily Lenzer gets a toast from colleagues at Margaret Carlson’s Kalorama pad; Wal-Mart comeback?!; Tony Hale and Timothy Simons (aka Gary and Jonah from ‘Veep’) get nerdy at the Newseum Thursday; How liberals and conservatives date; Can’t wait to nom on José Andrés’ potato chips from Whole Foods in October; new Joe Scarborough book; We’ll be pretending its still the middle of summer here this weekend, all bright and tight and such; here’s where you can do that.