Jeremy Essig

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Meet Jeremy Essig.

Jeremy is a full time comedian from St. Louis, MO. His comedy has been labeled “intelligent cynicism.” He’s appeared on NPR many times, and if that doesn’t make you a smart comedian, I don’t know what does. His Twitter followers include Members, Senators and Mayors on both sides of the aisle.

He’s appearing in DC tonight and tomorrow night, opening for Brian Posehn at LivingSocial’s 918 F Street. Check out what Jeremy has to say about comedy, politics and Joe Biden.

1. Where do get inspiration for your comedy?

You would think I’d have an answer for this by now. My jokes are mostly about people in one way or another, my experiences with them, how they made me feel or a memory they triggered. These questions are for Emo Writers weekly, right?

2. How tired do comedians get of political jokes?

I like a good political joke if it veers back in to how it affects the teller. I get bored pretty quickly of the character assassination-type of political jokes that were super prevalent in the mid-00’s, but if you can explain how something big affects you personally, that’s super cool.

3. What is the least funny thing about you?

While at the Missouri School of Journalism, I worked as a state budget reporter. I missed one question on my math GRE. I like numbers.

4. If you worked in DC and weren’t a comedian, what would you do?

Can I run the 9:30 Club? Probably something in music, know of any record stores I should check out?

5. Who is the funniest politician?

Joe Biden. I honestly believe Biden is one of the funniest people alive. What’s unfortunate, however, is it seems at times he believes the same.



Jeremy Essig