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Doug Heye was amazed by the cupcake line in front of the Capitol, we’re trying for the Crossfit games next year, Brendan Buck reached 10,000 followers on Twitter, this house could be yours for one US dollar, someone please send Sean Hackbarth a BuzzFeed t-shirt, Snowden got crushed on by Russian ladies, who is this person?, Caleb Smith is having the best week ever, Josh Holmes is heading over to the NRSC – but Reid Wilson thinks Holmes is playing free safety for the Redskins, “Every day is election day,” – Rebecca Sive, stay tuned folks – we’ve got big things cooking over here at FamousDC, we hope Johnny Football stays out of jail between now and the Alabama game, @Whataburger is following Kate on Twitter, Ronald Reagan Chesterfields, Rob Saliterman is the man, tell Katie Wheelbarger congrats, so we didn’t make The Hill’s 50 most beautiful list (again), but congrats on the new desks at National Journal Marin CoganLucia GravesMarina KorenAlex Seitz-WaldPatrick ReisVivyan Tran; Hide your kids, hide your wife, Lil Tunechi invades the District; WHO IS READY FOR SHARK WEEK?!; Lois Romano changes positions at POLITICOBuzzfeed is going to interview everyone’s favorite sexter this month; Apparently Congress has done enough lately to warrant a 5 week vacation; Chris Matthews thinks a Senate member is a “political terrorist”; Salon.com steals Lindsay Abrams from The Atlantic; Capitol Hill literally goes to the dogs; OH EM GEE Monica Lewinsky sex tape?!; R.I.P. NPR building; Is this intern having the worst week ever, or the worst week ever?; Feast your eyes on this Weiner; Jamba Juice celebrates 365 days in DC with what else – a long a*s line for free sh*t; August: football month, frat stars everywhere rejoice; Suddenly DC isn’t too humid; Ugh #metrobaby, probably doesn’t even know to stand to the right; Were you cool enough to rep your SEC school at George on Thursday night?; Sorry but saddesklunch.com never gets old; Facebook’s IPO is still on the rebound; Need something smart to talk about? Check out how the student debt crisis impacts graduates living in DC; Do you like the Daily Caller’s most beautiful list – intern edition? (Hint, it’s all blonde girls); But how awkward is that tampon commercial?; Is Ted’s Bulletin ever going to open on 14th?; Mitch McConnell’s chief of staff is now about theNRSC life; Have you stopped by Jose Andres’ Paella Festival yet?; Remember Coolio? He turned half-a-century this week; Everyone’s #1 fantasy Megan Fox is pregnant again; Post TV is up and running; Michelle Obama chows down at Oyamel; Rumors are floating that Giuliana and Bill Rancic may be taking their restaurant talents to DC (& by rumors we mean we watch that awful show); Hey DC cabs you suck!; H&M takes Chevy Chase; Congrats to Glen Chambers; HiddenDCGrotto Edition;  John Wall making bank on his new contract, Got $10K to spend for new living quarters?; Politics & Prose looks to be promising next Friday (@daveweigel @clintonyates @nprmonkeysee); another year we didn’t make the #50MB list; so here’s where we will be drinking away my sorrows this weekend. And the lineup for FREEFEST was announced!!! Thank you Kelly + Stef for the help