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Be sure to tell the Godfather, Don Seymour, happy birthday this weekend, Brett Loper making moves, Ed Henry is celebrating a birthday, Famous Kyle Nevins, lobbyists have problems too, Ed Levandoski is killing it, shout out to the new leadership staff Katie Patru, Connor Walsh, Nick Marcelli, Gena Villari, John Stapleton, Tim Pataki, Molly Edwards & Lawson Kluttz, if you see an Uber Ice Cream truck speeding through the streets of DC we hear you can blame Justin Herman, Derek Timmerman makes it rain, Neil Chaterjee is another year older, Richy Cunningham is old, join the FamousDC team, Rachael Bade is ready for 24, tell Fred Miller Roll Tide & congratulations on his new gig within Weyerhaeuser, Mark Knoller asked diplomats if they got hardship pay for serving in DC in July, Katie Prill crushed it on Fox News, you likely didn’t catch Luke Marchant listening to Creed this week, Stuart Roy proved again that he’s a beast and hit 440 lbs on a deadlift, Molly Haase celebrated a birthday, ask Allison Cunningham how her week has been going – we dare you, party with RaiseDC, the more you know about this city the more you love it, Tommy Goodwin, Rob Runyan & Shushannah Walshe are following us on Twitter, and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.

Goodbye Morgan: After serving as the FamousDC editor for over a year, Morgan Gress is headed off to do big things at 1776. Morgan has done an amazing job keeping our content fresh, developing relationships with new contributors and managing events. While we’ll miss her hard work, un-matched gif collection and quick wit, we know she’ll be doing huge things in this city for years to come. If you’d like to help fill Morgan’s shoes, click here. Good luck, MG!