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In the shadow of the DC Court of Appeals (or the National Building Museum, depending on the time of day) is a tribute so subtle, you might mistake it for a simple park. Three acres of space lined with cube-trimmed trees at Judiciary Square hold two rows of curving marble walls. Fierce adult lions and small lion cubs are perched atop these walls. The lions are a reference to the image in this quote from Proverbs, which is written in stone beneath one of the bronze cats: “The wicked flee when no man pursueth but the righteous are bold as a lion .” On those stone walls, the names of 19,660 fallen law enforcement officers are carved. A reflecting pool in the center of the park spells out the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, but you might miss it if you aren’t looking carefully. Next Monday, this site will be host to a candlelit vigil, at the start of National Police Week. Most of the other days of the year, the memorila will sit quietly, sometimes empty and other times host to visitors, still water and stiller statues peacefully waiting for those who attend, placing flowers and wreaths, remembering those fallen.