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Meet Lauree Ostrofsky.

Lauree is a local life coach, blogger and new author. Her new memoir, “I’m scared & doing it anyway,” was published this month and explores her experience with battling a brain tumor. Lauree can be seen around DC speaking at events and sharing hugs with loved ones and new friends. FamousDC had the chance to catch Lauree during the excitement of her book release.

1. How did you get into life coaching?

I hired my first coach to help me be more creative without leaving my day job. Through our work together, I asked for and took a six-week sabbatical in Europe. It was an amazing experience to know that I had more options than the set path of Corporate America. A year later, my life turned upside down when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I was reminded of that even more. Following my recovery I made some big changes, including getting my coaching certification to empower others to design their own paths.

2. What brought you to DC?

I came to DC nearly four years ago to reinvent myself after living in Manhattan for a decade. Okay, and after a breakup. It totally worked. DC is surprisingly entrepreneurial. I’ve had a great time building my business supported by other business owners, especially women.

3. You just wrote a book – what can readers expect to gain from it?

I’m scared & doing it anyway” are words that a lot of us live by. This memoir is about the moment my life was derailed — the brain tumor — and what happened as a result. Some really wonderful things as a matter of fact. More than that, this book is a reminder that when that moment happens, you have more choices than you may realize. You get to decide what you tell yourself about what’s happening, and the direction you go from there.

4. Can you explain what a hug tour is and how you started it in DC?

Of the wonderful things that happened since my brain tumor, Hug Tour rates pretty high on the list. I launched it in DC in 2011 to show people I know that I care about them. A hug is a simple way to do that. I announce on Twitter when I’m leaving my house, and if I know you, I’ll stop by your office or meet you at Starbucks for a hug. I now have Hug Tour Ambassadors in 15 states and a couple countries going on their own tours to hug loved ones.

5. When on your hug tours, is there a particular area of DC that was the friendliest?

Haha, well most people like hugs. In fact, they get downright excited about it when they find out I’ll come to their office to give them one. A hug from a good friend is better at combating an afternoon lull than caffeine anytime.