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Meet Erin McPike.

After what we can only call a superwoman performance covering the 2012 election, Erin McPike got scooped up by CNN to join Jake Tapper’s newest venture, The Lead. Having been a fan of McPike since day one, FamousDC was excited to see her make the jump from Real Clear Politics. Luckily, between assignments McPike had a minute to sit down with us and answer a few questions on her new gig, working with Tapper and roller blading with MO.

1. You’ve been on the job for a couple months now, what are you enjoying the most?

That I’m surrounded by nothing but smart people who legitimately have all the answers. And I learn a lot of new stuff every day.

2. Funnest part about working with Jake Tapper?

As you probably know, Jake is one of the very best journalists in Washington. Trying to meet him at his level for even two minutes a day is a great challenge. Before the show started, I kept hearing that a lot of folks around here thought we have very similar personalities. But I’m a huge goof and have this quirky news-geek sense of humor that most people don’t even remotely understand or appreciate. As I’ve since found out, some of the emails that guy sends about certain stories floating out there in the world are absolute gems and leave me in stitches.

3. If you could name one thing, what do you love most about DC?

What everyone else “says” they hate about it… But the way to look at it is that DC is the most driven place on Earth and people here are really passionate about politics and issues. Everyone fits in here; isn’t nice that we all really care about something?

4. What’s the weirdest/funniest lead you’ve ever gotten?

Let me just say this, and any reporter who covered the GOP primary last year will know what I’m talking about: It came from a conspiracy theorist in Austin.

5. If Michelle Obama calls and wants to chill in DC for a day, what do you two do?

Go roller-blading on the mall, obviously.