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In a town of ad hoc residents wherein even our foliage is transplanted, Mumbo Sauce is one of the few things indigenous to the DC area.

Honoring a history that is uniquely DC’s, The Contemporary Wing’s “Mumbo Sauce” exhibit opened last Friday, surveying artists like BORF, Cynthia Connolly, and several others with deep District roots. The exhibit explores how local cultural influences like Go-Go, graffiti, punk, hardcore, and graphic design have affected the works of the participants.

The creators themselves were among the guests at the Atlas District pop-up gallery opening party where DJ Stereo Faith (who you may remember from last year’s Trillectro Music Festival at the Fairgrounds) spun his brand of electro and a few Minor Threat tracks to boot.

Lauren Gentile, founder of the Contemporary Wing and co-curator of the exhibit, treated guests to a unique experience. We chowed down on chicken wings and macaroni & cheese slathered in mumbo sauce while sipping foamy keg beer—it felt more like a great backyard barbeque than a gallery opening. Considering many of the graffiti artists in attendance have built careers out of being incognito, to be able to share a beer with them was a unique experience.

Just like the sweet, spicy, endemic sauce reminds many natives of home, the display at 906 H St. NE will prompt you to reflect on the soul of this city. Check it out before it ends on April 21st.