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Jamaican Queens are the antitheses of Detroit music and proud of it. “Everyone in Detroit is obsessed with garage rock. Unfortunately, I think that shit’s soooo boring” says the bands front man Ryan Spencer in an interview with CMJ. I shuddered at reading this due to my own penchant for fast, distorted fuzz, but I opened up while hearing them play live at Black Cat last Thursday.

The trio has coined the genre “Detroit Trap Pop” and proclaimed themselves as such. It takes some chutzpah to declare your own genre for your debut EP, but the sludgy bass and synth-laden sound of Jamaican Queens is tough to nail down. You’ve got to give them credit for labeling themselves before anyone else had the chance.

Playing to a half full Black Cat crowd, the band still put it all out there. Fans sang along to their most popular track, “Kids Get Away,”  while nodding along to the up-beat but understated “Water.”

The band’s aesthetic is straight out of Brooklyn, but somehow they still emerged from the same city that claims The White Stripes and The Gories as its greatest cultural offering. If you’re in a musical rut, check out Jamaican Queens entire album on Spotify. It’s worth a listen.