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Meet Alejandra Owens.

Owens works at AARP, where, specifically, she oversees the blog all the while still writing for three other blogs on the side. A few years ago Owens started her own blog and it took off from there. She now contributes to the Food Network’s City Eats and Borderstan while maintaining her personal blog and working the tech scene for AARP. With so many bloggers in the District we thought it would be fun to catch up with Owens on how she does it all and why she loves this town.

1. You contribute to and/or run four blogs – how do you manage all that?

Honestly, it’s all about my social workflow and Evernote. If I didn’t have a way to methodically absorb massive amounts of information, I wouldn’t even be able to organize my thoughts to run or write a blog. I read more than 300 blogs and RSS feeds every day and follow 3,000+ people on Twitter! They feed me creatively, give me context, educate me, inspire me…it’s great!

Read a little more about how she manages her hustle here

2. When we talked, you mentioned that you are trying to take your personal blog in a new direction. Where do you think that might be and how is it different from when you started it?

When I started my blog, it was going to reflect my hobby at the time: baking. Since then, my passions and interests have expanded – I love making a good brownie, but I also love eating out, I’ve fallen in love with bourbon and my job is a huge part of my life (in a good way). I want my blog to reflect all the things I’m learning – recipes and otherwise.

3. What brought you to DC and what’s your favorite thing about this city?

I got a job. Not very sexy, I realize, but after grad school I just really wanted to work, so when I was offered a position at a PR firm in town I took it! DC is far more multi-dimensional than people give it credit for. Love knitting? There’s a group for that. Want to nerd out on WordPress stuff? Yep, there’s a group for that too. DC does one thing well, and that’s organize in a delightfully Type A way. You’re never more than a few clicks or tweets away from a community of people doing some cool shit.

4. What is the strangest and/or funniest thing that has happened to you because of blogging in the district?

Jose Andres flagged me down on a street corner to say hello once! No joke. I’d met him a few times and we had tweeted many more, so when I was walking around downtown and heard, “Ey! Ey! Hola! Hola!” in the way only Jose Andres can say it, I was shocked to turn around and see Jose in his signature scarf-and-blazer combo waving at me. I felt fancy for about 10 minutes.

5. If Michelle Obama called and wanted to hang out for a day, what would you two do?

I think I’d take her to brunch. I bet she’d be super fun to gab with over a few mimosas.