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From bit to bite, last night’s Commedia Dell Media was a mix of nerdy DC humor, self-deprecation and journo on journo crime as everyone took a jab or two. In other words, it was a good time for a good cause and after a few warm up drinks… er rounds, the crowd at the Hamilton was laughing along to Rich Edson’s spot on Cantor impression, Libby Casey actually making C-SPAN funny and Elahe Izadi rip on dating in DC. Natalie McGill ultimately took the crown (literally, the prize was a crown – cue Ms. America theme song), however both Casey and Izadi were right there behind her. If we do say so, the ladies kinda stole the show. Also, big shout out to Brandon Wetherbee for hosting with style and adding a quip or two of his own.

If you missed it, head over to Journopalooza tonight at the Black Cat.

Famously Spotted: Neda Semnani, Ashley Wolos, Jacob Wood, Betsy Rothstein, Jeremy Art, Nu Wexler, Christina Bellantoni, Matthew Cooper, P.J. Tobia, Elahe Izadi, Mike Walter, Meredith Shiner, Brandon Wetherbee, Alexandra Petri, Chris Lingebach, Libby Casey, Patrick Reis, Valerie Paschall, Rich Edson, Natalie McGill, Jonathan Allen, Renita Jablonski, Katherine Timpf, Brittany Horowitz, Jamila Bey, Lisa Bonos, Anna Mulrine and Victoria Bosselman

Libby Casey killing it with her C-SPAN humor. (Photo by Jeremy Art)