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Meet Lia Seremetis.

Lia Seremetis is the founder and leader of DC Bike Party, a monthly ride through DC that focuses on the fun of riding in a group and always ends at a bar (how could you not love this?!). Seremetis is a communications professional in DC by day and also writes for FamousDC. When she’s not riding her bike around town you can catch her hitting up one of the many concerts and shows in the District. We were lucky enough to chat with Seremetis about how it all got started.

Got a bike? Want to make new friends? Head out to DC Bike Party tonight for a Mardis Gras ride through DC. As always, the fun starts at Dupont Circle.

1. For those of us who don’t know, can you tell us what DC Bike Party is?

DC Bike Party is a group ride through the streets of DC, every 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 in Dupont. Pre-planned routes are slow and meandering, always include a new pit stop at the most obscure location we can find and end at a bar. DCBP uses Spotify to make collaborative playlists for each ride, which we post on Facebook and Twitter so anyone who wants to add a song can do so. Our jukebox on wheels was made by madman Danny Lesh, who totes them behind him on a bike trailer. He just added sound reflective lights, too. This thing out does almost any small venue’s sound system.

2. How did DC Bike Party get started?

The first Bike Party started in San Jose, my hometown and in about 5 years it’s grown to an unbelievable 3,000 to 4,000 riders on average. People tote grills, couches, and baby pools behind their bikes. It’s total organized chaos. There are Bike Parties in San Francisco, Baltimore, Philly and there’s the Midnight Ridazz in LA, too. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t one in DC, so I hung a bunch of crudely designed posters up on 14th Street last July to advertise our first ride, which surprisingly had about 25 riders show up. Since then we’re averaging between 150-250 riders every month.

3. What’s the strangest and/or funniest thing that’s happened on a ride?

Our pitstop for the Holiday Hustle ride in December was under the 395 freeway just off of of South Capitol Street. It was completely empty, dark, and the music echoed to an absurd volume as all 150 of us rolled in. It was clear that the level of energy had grown tenfold, and people just let loose. Somehow, a giant dance party ensued and there were soul trains and breakdance battles going on underneath the freeway. It was kind of surreal.

4. What is your favorite thing about the District?

The Hirshhorn, the annual Cherry Blossom 10-miler, softball, the Meridian Hill Park drum circle, DC9… I honestly can’t choose. I really do love almost everything about DC. Except for the critter pants.

5. If Michelle Obama called and wanted to kick it for a day, what would you guys do?

The FLOTUS has an extensive record of dancing at public appearances. If she came to DCBP I’d ask her to teach us how to Dougie.



Lia Seremetis