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Peter Cherukuri is going full circle and joining Politico, do the Caps think they’re still on strike?, the Baltimore Ravens are in the Super Bowl, don’t honk, here’s some snowy pictures, Caroline Rabbit is leaving GOP conference and starting with Rep Tom Cotton Monday, thanks to good people like Matt Stanton Ky Bluegrass Ball named “Best Open Bar”of all the balls, Are William Gray and Jennifer Sherman reading this? Brea MacIsaac is good with numbers, Jon and Lauren Grella celebrated their birthdays, Emily Reid takes great pictures, Belga’s owner is bomb, Charles Faulkner is a white paper machine, speaking of machines – what is Mick Kaplan up to?, Teddy Imperiale knows how to go green, John Murray is headed back to college – Animal House II coming shortly, PaPo Swiggity, April Fulton & Mary Bruce are following us on Twitter and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.