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Senator Kirk is a true inspiration, we’re still waiting on our Christmas gift from Chris Paulitz, Steve Stombres seems to be making a move on Twitter, Where in the world will will Team Mullen travel to next?, congratulations to Shannon McGhan the new staff director for the House Financial Services Committee, Dick Armey has taken to strange Facebook updates, Doug Thornell rocks the red and gold, Les Mis jumped off the fiscal cliff, hopefully Justin LoFranco can sleep now, 50% of us have already broken our New Year resolutions, Jim Billimoria doesn’t each nachos at the movie theater, can you spot Stip?, tell Erin Veltman congrats on her two year anniversary at the RSLC, in solidarity with Don Seymour Matt Lira also shaved his beard, paging Tim Berry, Emily Greenberger is taking NYC by storm, Elmo is wandering the streets of Eastern Market, YOU should follow us on Twitter and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.