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Look at Caleb Smith on his A-game, Robert Jameson shares the same birthday as JC, Duke can punt the football better than anyone in history, ask Bravo about his trip to Alabama, if we go over the fiscal cliff and nobody live-Tweets it – did it really happen?, Chloe Troia is killing it, Lauren Pratapas and Brad Dayspring ran away from the fiscal cliff, Rachel Racusen can get you the hottest tickets in town, this is why God wants Alabama to beat Notre Dame, Kevin Durant will blow your mind, be sure to tell Jim Billimoria happy birthday on Sunday, this is a picture of the first President ever photographed, Jeremy Art is DC’s Pitbull, will Howard Mortman ever RT us again?, congratulate Brian Johnson on the promotion, when does Auburn play in their bowl game?, do you think the DC New Years Eve parties just stepped it up a notch because all the Members will be in town?, Ryan Grim is doing more TV these days than Ryan Seacrest, Mary-Alice Farina, Margaret Holwill & Jacques Haeringer are following us on Twitter, FamousDC had a great 2012 thanks to you, and here’s where you can party like it’s 2013.