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Mike Ference left Cantor’s shop to head downtown, Mayan jokes on Twitter are the new Gangham Style, tell Tom Tauzin happy birthday today, fiscal cliffmas can be fun, can The Tannehill Era lose with Tom Brady and CJ Spiller?, where in the world is Luke Hatzis?, Elahe Izadi wants Michelle to wine and dine her, it just felt right to give Andrew Foxwell a shout out, so long Senator Inouye, Tom Dunn and Catherine Gatewood say goodbye to Big Sky, WashingtonLIFE threw a bomb party, Psy hit a billion, Hammer Time, Archie Smart will father again, Patrick Wilson will try again to leave and head home, NJI Media’s Panda handed out Christmas gifts this week, Miles Gray, Morgan Greenhouse & Ryan Osborn are following us on Twitter and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.