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Feasting Famously: Suzie Robb
Half the brains, all the boobs behind BoobsBaconBourbon.com, and totally crushin’ on Mike Isabella.

Launched in April 2012 by Suzie Robb, Eric Wang and one other anonymous writer as a dating (boobs), eating (bacon) and drinking (bourbon) website, BoobsBaconBourbon.com has quickly spread throughout the DC area like a Spike Mendelsohn restaurant.

Suzie says she bought the domain name initially because it was catchy and available. “I started it because I had a bottle of wine to myself and I decided to write about my feelings,” she jokingly adds as we sit down at District Commons in Foggy Bottom. She bought the domain in February, discussed the idea with the two other partners of the site, and tada, triple-B was born shortly thereafter. “The name is what makes people go to the site,” she says, “and hopefully the content is why they stay.”

The site provides mostly local restaurant and bar reviews, which draw the DC, Virginia, and Maryland crowd, but they get traffic from almost all 50 states. “We have traffic from all 50 states, except Utah,” she adds. I assume the combination of boobs and bourbon might cause some issues in many Utah households.

When DC-local, Northern Virginia-dwelling Suzie Robb is not blogging, she’s baking, eating and hanging out in Northern Virginia (which I scold her about) and DC in addition to managing a gym as a personal trainer.

“I don’t cook, I bake. I’m a baker,” she says insisting she really can’t cook. I’m doubtful, but she’s a straight talking-type of person who I quickly learn doesn’t hold much back. “I always try to date someone who can cook, because I can’t, and I’ll just bake to supplement the cooking. I’m a terrible cook. Everything I’ve ever cooked has been a disaster,” she proclaims with no shame at all. “I can cook bacon, and I can drink bourbon” – how appropriate.

I don’t cook, I bake. I’m a baker

As a non-cooker, she says her “number one go-to spot is Lyon Hall in Clarendon,” noting she initially went there about a year ago because the chef followed her on Twitter. “They [Lyon Hall] have amazing food and amazing service.” She says she doesn’t have a go-to dish because they are constantly changing the menu with the seasons and ingredient availability. When I ask her what she likes there now, she says, “Lately I get this salad that has duck leg in it, pork belly croutons, a poached egg on top, and there’s probably some lettuce in there somewhere. I mainly try to avoid it and go straight for the duck leg and the croutons.” Sounds so good. Hopefully it’s a runny quail egg.

Moving on from ducks legs and fried baby pigs I ask Suzie, when she goes to brunch is she ordering breakfast or lunch – like all red-blooded American’s (and Chef Geoff); she immediately answers “breakfast.” You can get lunch anywhere from 11:00am-3:00pm in most restaurants, and usually some of that fare makes it onto the dinner menu. But the Holy Grail that is breakfast is often only served during select hours that cut off at 10:00am typically when normal people are shot gunning five-hour energy drinks to just make it until noon when they can hopefully have a beer to calm the shakes. What? That’s normal right…I digress. Suzie adds, “Why would you ever get lunch at brunch! That’s the point! The point is, you go there at noon, you’re hung-over, you get an Irish Coffee – I like to start my day with whiskey – and then…I’m a bacon and eggs girl, I think that’s the perfect meal.” This entire statement should be printed on money, American money. Breakfast. Whiskey. Bacon. America. Oh, and her choice of eggs, fried and over easy is the only way to go. “I hate people who order scrambled eggs,” she blares. Me too Suzie, and they’re called Communists.

Putting eggs and the allegiance of the American populace aside momentarily, I ask Suzie about the DC food scene and what’s trending in her life right now, restaurant wise. “Something is trending in my life right now,” she exclaims, “and his name is Mike Isabella.” Ah yes, Mike Isabella. Before opening the wildly popular Italian-inspired Graffiato in DC, and subsequently the Latin-fusion Bandolero in Georgetown, Chef Isabella earned his DC-chops as the executive chef of José Andrés’ Zaytinya.

Something is trending in my life right now,” she exclaims, “and his name is Mike Isabella.

Since then, and after a stint on season six of Top Chef, and becoming runner-up on Top Chef All-Stars, he has published a cookbook, and basically set out to conquer the DC food scene. Commenting on the “fame” side of things, she adds, “I hate the whole, ‘Hey they’re on the Food Network [Bravo really], hey they’re on Top Chef’ or whatever and then they become a celebrity and open restaurants, but I can’t deny the fact that both Graffiato and Bandolero are delicious.”

After we establish she’s a local, a baker, she loves brunch, loves all things Isabella, and after several very good drinks from District Commons, it’s time for the Feasting Famously Five, where I pick five random words and ask Suzie to just say the first thing that comes to mind.

Bacon – perfection

Boobs – sex

Vodka – no thank you

Oregano – no thank you

Mike Isabella – crush

So there you have it folks. Suzie Robb, co-founder of BoobsBaconBourbon.com, and future stalker of Mike Isabella.

…and yes, they’re real.