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*Our thoughts are with those families grieving in Connecticut today. No email today. Hug your loved ones.*

Katie Harbath is nearing the early stages of burnout, Dave Tate couldn’t take the awkward stares, Rob Raffety is not running for President in 2016, Patrick Gavin figured out the real meaning behind the “Giving Tree,” Howell heads to Ohio, Alma Katsu has  a new book, Sara Diaz hasn’t kept us updated on her life, Dec. 21st is going to be the most annoying day in social media history, we missed Liz Eddy’s birthday and feel terrible about it, National Journal influencers were under the influence Monday night, Ben Howard needs a new sweater, we’re withdrawing our name from the naughty list, Suzie Robb has a crush on Mike Isabella and here’s where you can kick it this weekend.