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We expect the Bonjean Christmas party to top this.

Bonjean Christmas Party Makes Drudge – December 12, 2011

Just when you thought the DC – Gary Busey – Ron Bonjean Christmas Party Media blitz was over …

Gary Busey - Ron Bonjean - Drudge Report


Hopefully they learned how to high-five in 2012.

How Not To Give A High-Five – December 19, 2012

Sen. McConnell gets Sen. Barasso to high-five him. [chest bump is next]

Warning: It’s slightly awkward to watch.

h/t Heard on the Hill


Graffiato is still delicious.

Famously Reviewed: Graffiato – December 22, 2012

…This Italian inspired restaurant by Mike Isabella serves small plates, pastas, pizza, and wait for it…a ham bar! Service was fantastic. We were seated at the bar for not even two minutes before Emily, our bartender, introduced herself, the restaurant, and what the menu had to offer. With so many choices I had to go with what sounded the craziest. The Papa Smurf Pizza. Trust us, whatever you are thinking, it is not that. This pizza consisted of speck, gorgonzola, caramelized onions and potato and was melt in your mouth, salty, hint of sweet, goodness…