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Mr. and Mrs. Mullen are enjoying their honeymoon, Ted Prill surprised his wife with a new dog, Rebecca Gale is still kicking ass, Linda Shultz finally got her FamousDC shout-out, Bryant Avondoglio may one day get married at Dennys, H Street is trendy, Tim O’Toole is en route back to DC but not before stopping by a few supper clubs, Neda Semnani wants to happy hour at 11pm, Rachel and Chris Taylor are still waiting, Eddie Scarry is obsessed with Obama’s dog, does Suzanne Bottorff read FamousDC?, eat like a foodie,  Lauren Pratapas is celebrating a birthday and crushing it on a daily basis, Pete Snyder 2013, please keep Brendan Buck, Doug Andres, Meredith Griffanti, David Mowery, Brandan Clark and Mary Katharine Ham in your thoughts & prayers this weekend, write down the names of people sitting next to you if you ever end up in a trench, Amanda Earley, Mark Melly & Kelly C. are following us on TwitterJoe Biden kicks it at Costco but here’s where you can kick it this weekend.