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Nicole Daigle needs to be surrounded by friends and family Saturday night as the Tide rolls through Death Valley, PSA: if you are older than 40 and NOT wearing a costume – we’re not putting any candy into your trash bag, Gov. Christie should reschedule Monday mornings, if you were at Fight Night last night with MC Hammer, you are likely just waking up now, Parkmobile backed down in its battle with Senator Durbin this week, be sure to tell Blair Latoff happy birthday on Sunday, does Mike Allen hold lunch hours at Johnny’s Half Shell once a week? you can win DC United tickets for this weekend!, hold on to your hat – we’re throwing TWO parties on Election Night, Stip’s Birthday, twenty-somethings are everywhere, this time next week we will have a president, no more Halloween candy!, where has David Popp been, tell Kyle Nevins congratulations on finishing the MCM, Sandy preparedness, Sally Albright hung with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this election needs to be over, All Hallows Eve was a blast, Congrats to Kelley Walters on her baby girl, lots of cute kids this Halloween, Sara Diaz is off to paradise, Pete Snyder rocked it in VA Beach last night, Liz Eddy had another hugely successful Halloween party, Dan Hayes and Clay Broga are big stars in Naples, wishing Nancy Hiscock a speedy recovery, Doug Parsons loves political ads*, Tucker Carlson loves shelfish, FamousDC readers rock Halloween, Katie Harbath and Mindy Finn throwdown, these lobbyists are hot, and Surya Gunasekara, James Alexander & Christine Archer are following us on Twitter.


*REMINDER: Nobody Hearts Political Ads