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Mad dash to the supermarket? Beer run? Update Netflix queue? We asked FamousDC readers what they did to prepare for the Frankenstorm yesterday and how they planned to ride the hurricane out.

Stocking up on beer and playing #hurricanepong.Katie Harbath

We’re having a Frankenstorm watch party at 201 Bar on the Hill tonight at 7:00pm. $2 beers, Walking Dead viewing on the big screens, some football, some scary business — and all pleasure.Justin Herman

I flew the coop to St. Louis. Weather here is great. Hopefully I will land just before sandy hits so I can be miserable like you all. Just kidding. –Jim Swift 

Prepare? Preparing for a storm is letting the terrorists win and we can’t do that.Michael Kaplan

Hoping that the Halloween candy I have stockpiled has enough nutrients to get me through the storm. The grocery store was wiped out!Blain Rethmeier

Practicing writing ad copy for Pepco. Toying with different pithy rhymes for the tagline, “It’s not our fault.” One potential: “Oy G’vault.”Howard Mortman

Impromptu dinner party with neighbors! Black bend sweet potato chili, cranberry cornbread, and chocolate chip pumpkin bread pudding. Working from home playing hookie never tasted so good!Meg Smith

I’ve been brunching with various friends around town throughout the day since after Sandy comes to town I’ll never see them again. –Ashley Wolos 

Stocking batteries, water, flashlights & literally battening down the hatches. Well, at least my kids were. I was too busy throwing objects at the TV as the bumblebee uniformed Steelers romped the Redskins today. –David Almacy

Guinness beef stew made (check). Kindle Fire, MacBook Air and phones fully charged (check). Hair coiffed (check). –Karen Hanretty 

Watching the Chicago Bears win their 5th game in a row and staying in Chicago until United Airlines decides to start flying back to the East Coast.Jim Billimoria

We’ll be updating throughout the day on how DC does hurricanes. If you’ve got Sandy pics feel free to submit them here or send them to [email protected]

Stay Safe!
-The FDC Crew