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As Halloween quickly approaches, Ladies Who Lobby wanted to take a moment to recognize the spooktacular holiday.

Is it just us or is DC unique when it comes to Halloween? We bet you will see a good number of Zombie Gagas, Honey Boo Boos and several witches and ghosts, but it really isn’t everywhere you can go out on All Hallows Eve and see people dressed up as ‘slutty Ron Paul.’ It’s been done people.

Last year, these Ladies saw a number of ‘Occupy Sesame Street’ costumes, a very interesting Chris Christie Chia Pet, Michele Bachman googley eyes, and a very convincing Joe Biden dressed as Robin (“Holy BFD Batman!”). We expect Sesame Street will make a reprise this year with several unemployed Big Birds and down and out Elmos.

For our part, these Ladies are joining the festivities this year with a charming couples costume: Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand. Also known as the romance of our times.

But this leads us to a very important point. Halloween in DC is not just a time to overindulge–…in candy…duh–it is a time to wear your political nerdom on your sleeve. We guarantee, you will get much more recognition in this city for a clever vampiric Eric Cantor (Come on, his middle name is Ivan. This cries out for a Transylvanian makeover.) costume than you will for ‘slutty social worker’ or whatever is cool in the short dress department this year. So break out your thinking caps and show your DC pride.

P.S. Ladies Who Lobby would love to see a Robo-Romney, a Mariachi Mitt, or Seamus on top of a station wagon. Just some hints.