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Teddy finally won the president’s race at Nationals stadium on October 3, 2012. We asked FamousDC readers where they were on this historic day for the district and incredible run for the Nationals. Remember 10/3/12.

At the game. Luv Teddy but Afraid the Nats have cursed themselves for another 79 years.Ken Wingert

I was on the Acela – dealing with spotty WiFi – when the Tweets started to come in. Could it be? Surely he’d been disqualified… Alas, it’s real, and the Nationals will have to deal with the consequences. But Teddy – congrats, man.Rick Klein

Thanks Famous. I found out from you!Blain Rethmeier

Heard about it from this email from FamousDC..was working at my desk & didn’t realize it was a day game… – Matthew Haller

At the game. Tweeting.it.up. – Tommy McFly

I was moderating a Google+ Hangout previewing tonight’s Presidential Debate.  Here’s the video, although I stepped away from Twitter, so no mention of Teddy in the video.Jeremy Art

Was helping produce a C-SPAN Google + hangout about tonite’s debate coverage … when my wife, who was watching with the kids, emailed me the news. We have a Let Teddy Win bumper sticker on our car, and our kids have the shirts.  Hope the C-SPAN hangout was as big a win as Teddy’s. – Howard Mortman

I was interrupted from my fox news car chasing scene by a co-worker doing the gundam style dance and yelling Teddy Won.Cloture Club

Following on Twitter of course. – Mindy Finn