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And it’s here! Famous Feedback, our monthly feature where we ask the folks that live and run this city a question and then post their responses. With the fall weather comes some of our favorite things about being in the district, including football and being able to walk outside again without melting. This month we wanted to hear what others love about the district during this time. Their answers are below.

Football and the fall shows. Welcome back How I meet your mother!Cloture Club 

Bringing a tv outside so you can grill and watch football at the same time.Catherine Gatewood

Nationals in the playoffs, because that’s happening.Alex Schriver

Watching the leaves change on GW Parkway.Stef Woods

I get to break out my Santana Moss Skins jersey. Oh, and obviously Boo at the Zoo.Doug Andres

Sundays spent with my fantasy football friends watching the NFL Red Zone “quad box.” Oh, and Election Day.Mindy Finn 

Seeing the joyous faces of Redskins fans slowly dissipate as their playoff dreams go up in flames after every passing week.Michael Kaplan

Watching the leaves turn orange and yellow along the parkway as I commute with the windows down and the radio up.Blain Rethmeier

Garrett Peck’s “Temperance Tour” of Prohibition-era DC.Ben Jenkins

My favorite thing about the District in the fall is that cops bringing Glocks to snowball fights is just around the corner.Jim Swift

Wearing a cozy fall sweater while reading FamousDC!Erica Elliott

Best thing about fall: Washington Redskins & RG3. –George Alafoginis 

Photo featured on the homepage was taken by Abbie.