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FamousDC stopped by National Journal’s Influence Alley event last night and it was packed with over 150 lining the bar.

NJ Happy Hour

As promised, the night was filled with politics, power, people and, most importantly, pints. Guests also submitted names for their top 35 under 35 hill staffers. We conducted a few unofficial exit poll interviews and it looks like this is Freddy Barnes’ race to lose. While there, we spotted a few famous faces: NBWA’s Rebecca Spicer, the AHIP crew of Robbie & Katie Zirkelbach with L.D. Platt, Examiner Yeas & Nays scribe Jenny Rogers, Nu Wexler, Kamara Jones, Stephen “The Gronk” Martinko and his wife Erin, Sunlight’s Liz Bartolomeo, Catherine Goode, Jessica Butler, Derek Satya Khanna, Caroline Holdman, Cam Newton, and the NJ team including Elahe Izadi, Mike Catalini, Ron Fournier, Matt Cooper, Nicole Duran, Julie Edwards, Andrew Behringer, and Caroline Boccarosse.

NJ Influence Alley