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If you’re working on the Hill and trying to find your way, skip the lobbyist gig on our flowchart, take the lessons you learned on the Hill to entertainment and become the next Alec Baldwin:

Baldwin recalls that back then, his fellow interns had one thing on their minds: “Most of these guys … they were all just mythical alcoholics-in-training. Every day they would have a roster there of all the parties that were all in the House offices.”

The liberal entertainer, who plays the smug (and conservative) Jack Donaghy on the NBC series, then cracked about the kinds of organizations holding soirees the interns would try to infiltrate: “The National Association of Carpet Shampooers, National Association of Q-tip Weavers … And these guys I worked with, they knew the skinny on all of them in terms of food and booze. They’d say, ‘Remember that reception we went to with the Q-tip people? They had great lobster.’ ”

via The Hill

FamousDC is still awaiting the National Association of Q-tip Weavers’s response on where they get their lobster.